API Overview

In order to access the API, you need an account with Synced, that will give you an username and a subscription ID. Your API credentials can be found in your account once logged in.
Before getting started, you will need to add at least one affiliate network configuration to your Synced account.
One of the members from the Synced team verifies the configuration details, makes sure that all of them are correct and then approves it. The network will then change its status from Pending to Joined. From now on, the data from the affiliate network that you  added to Synced is imported in our platform: programs, discounts, vouchercodes, cashback offers, transactions (if there are any).

Depending on the data structure you want to use, you can choose between SOAP API or Rest API.
If you have any questions regarding the API, feel free to contact connect@synced.io


What you can do with our API

Our API was created and designed for affiliate marketers who are either developers or have development resources to work with.
With the Synced.io API you can create anything from a dynamic super mall to a range of niche coupon sites, cashback websites, and have complete control over the code (including HTML) and the content calls to populate your websites.


API url

The WSDL endpoint can be located here: https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl  and the number of available functions depends on your subscription type.


Useful links




Every string passed from the Synced API is UTF-8 encoded.
Urls passed from the Synced API are url encoded.



Certain endpoints will generate large result sets. To save bandwidth and long processing times, these endpoints will paginate the results to reduce the strain on both client and server.
Any endpoint that supports pagination will have in their requests necessary parameters to get the next page.


Rate limiting

Our system provides for fair usage of up to 5,000 API server requests per month with standard subscription.
A server call request is each time Synced servers are contacted with your username and subscription ID. API may return many results on a query but it is counted as one call. It is recommended that you blacklist bots from your websites to reduce usage costs.


Sub IDs (affiliate tracking)

You can use affiliate-defined sub-ID tracking to help you manage your sales. Each network gives this "sub ID" tracking a different name, but in a nutshell it appends the text (or code) that you want to the URL. You can then run reports at the network level for that sub-ID.


Short Links

We provide the following structure for our API short links. https://synced.io/visit/p?uid={user_id}&pid={program_id}&cid={country_id}&source={site_id}
If you need to track conversions based on the member ids, you can add information in the subid1/subid2/subid3/subid4/subid5 parameters. For instance, you can add the member id in the subid1 parameter. All the information you entered will be available in the commission report:

The member ID and the rest of the data you send to the short links needs to contain only numbers and letters. Also please make sure that you are not using dd or DD in the member ID and the rest of the data that you are sending to the short links.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/short-link


Available API calls


Cashback offers
API Function: get_cashback_offers

Query the API against cashback offers from joined merchants on your networks. The response returns information about the commission rates, the types of purchases that are rewarded with a commission (i.e, all purchases, purchases made by new customers, all subscriptions, ticket purchases, all bookings, books purchases, toys purchases, etc.) alongside with the currency of the percentage of the commission. A cashback offer has an affiliate link associated with it.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/search-cashback-offers


Clicks Report
API Function: get_clicks_report

This API call returns a detailed report about clicks made through your affiliate links. Thus, you can analyze your performance based on several criteria: when the click was made, the client's ip, the merchant for which the click was made, the member ID, the network or if the click originated from an offer or the program's affiliate link.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/clicks-report


Commission report
API Function: get_commisions_report

The API call for Commissions Report returns a detailed report about all the transactions that were made through your affiliate links. Each transaction has some essential details associated with it: transaction date, tracking ID or SubID, the network through which the transaction was made, the name and id of the advertiser, the member's ID, the value of the commission earned, the total amount of the transaction or currency. Also, in this report you will also get the status of a transaction, either it is pending, approved, rejected or paid.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/get-commissions-report


API Function: get_categories

If you would like to get a list of categories used on our platform for organizing the advertisers you can use the following to search or browse through all available categories in our catalog. Using this search from our API you will get the ID of the category, its name and also the parent ID if a specific category is included under a bigger category. You can choose to work only with merchants from a certain category or exclude categories that are not of interest for your business.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/categories-listing


API Function: get_countries

This API call returns a list of all available countries and their associated IDs. You can use these for other calls in our API so that you can request data only for a specific region from your subscription. Filtering data by countries allows you to offer relevant content for your members and to target regional markets.

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/search-countries


API Function: get_currencies

If you would like to get a list of currencies you can use this call to browse through all available currencies in our catalog.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/get-currencies


API Function: get_languages

If you would like to get a list of languages you can use this call  to search or browse through all available languages in our catalog.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/get-languages


API Function: get_merchants

You can use this API call to search or browse through all available merchants in our catalog. You can query a merchant alongside with its associated programs and cashback offers. Each merchant has an unique ID, a name, a logo, a description and an URL. A merchant can have one or several programs associated with it, each of them having their own affiliate link and their own unique ID. The programs have cashback offers associated with them. By using this API call you will also get the cashback offers for each program, that can be identified by an offer ID, a title, currency and the value of the cashback offer. Each cashback offer has an affiliate link. This API call can help you develop your eCommerce shopping services, being an important tool for affiliate marketing developers. The data offered by this API is well structured and easy to integrate with websites, apps or other types of reward platforms.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/search-merchants


API Function: get_networks

Synced offers the big advantage of bringing together more than 50 affiliate networks. With this call you will get a list of available networks, their ID, their name and the associated country. Using your own Affiliate Network Credentials, you can rapidly create custom network independent widgets and apps, reducing development time from months to days, and drastically lowering ongoing costs.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/search-networks


API Function: get_subcategories

If you would like to get a list of subcategories you can use this call to search or browse through all available subcategories in our catalog.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/get-subcategories  


API Function: get_impressions_report

We are recording each impression for images provided by our API. Each time a page that contains an image provided by our API is loaded, our platform is recording the impression. In this way, you are able to get a report with details about pages impressions.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/impression-report


API Function: get_offers

If you would like to query for promotional offers against our API you can use the following call to search or browse through all available deals in our catalog. Our vouchers API and offers API will get you a list of discounts and vouchers from the networks. You can use this data to integrate promotions and discount vouchers into your website/app. Each offer has a start and an end date, a merchant and a program associated with it. You can even get the category and the subcategory of the offer and, of course, the network and the affiliate URL. An offer has an appealing title for the customers and a description that offers more details on the promotion. Our API can also be used for daily deals that have an expiration date of one day and can also be accompanied by images.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/search-offers



Synced platform has the possibility of sending real time notifications when a new commission is recorded, when a commission or a program changes its status or when a merchant is suppressed or unsuppressed. Each notification provides enough details for you to be able to identify these commissions, programs or merchants and decide what is to be done from your side. You can process these notifications directly on your server. In order for you to be able to receive these notifications, you have to build a script following the guidelines provided in this documentation. You will then have to add the URL of the receiving script in the dedicated section of your Synced account. Moreover, if you want to check if a piece of data was sent by our platform, you can add a password in your Synced account which will be included in every notification.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/postback


API Function: get_products

This API call returns a feed with products from merchants. You can easily integrate products in your website/app through our product API, that will provide essential data about the products such as product ID, merchant ID, program ID, category and also description, title, brand, discount, price or currency and an affiliate link which can be used to append your member IDs and redirect them to the advertisers' websites while tracking the sales. Products can also have images associated with them. Thus, our products API helps marketers to gather hundreds or thousands of products that will help them get more efficiently to their customers.
Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/products


Short links

Short links are affiliate links created through our platform and their main purpose is to redirect visitors to the advertiser's website. We provide three types of links: for cashback offers and merchants, for online offers and vouchers and another type for products. Each type of link has its own structure, but the parameters that can be applied to all of them are the following: user ID, country ID, subID and source. Depending on which type of shortlink you want to use, you can add additional parameters like the deep_link parameter that you can use for cashback offers in order to redirect the visitor to a certain page of the advertiser's website (this parameter can be used for affiliate networks that support this option).

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/short-link


API Function: get_sources   

By using this call you can get a list with all the sources that you added to your Synced account. You may have more that one traffic source, depending on your business model, and you may want to differentiate their performance.           

Please find more details here: https://synced.io/api-docs/sources

$api_username     = '*******';
$api_subscription = '*******';

        $client = new SoapClient('https://synced.io/api/v2?wsdl');			
catch(Exception $e)
        echo $e->getMessage();